Our food processing and manufacturing clients are highly competitive and regulated enterprises.

Strong design is a starting point:

Each of our clients requires safe, strong, secure and efficient buildings. But that’s just a starting point. The world leading ones demand that the manufacturing and processing work flow inside the plant be master planned optimally. They also expect new or renovated plant design alternatives to employ Current Good Manufacturing Practices and design solutions to streamline operations and reduce utility costs.

Strong clients are demanding:

Strong clients expect that we’ll be conversant with the trends and conditions that impact the business case. They depend on us to advise them with forward-looking enterprise-scale design thinking that will keep their manufacturing, processing and warehousing operations flexible, world class and competitive.

Demanding clients are aspiring:

Our clients in the durable goods OEM sector are tuned into the changing needs of their end-users. Our clients that make component parts and sub-assemblies or aftermarket replacement parts are hyper aware of offshore competition and currency swings. Our food processing clients are daily concerned with food safety and with swings in commodity pricing. All of our clients aspire to provide highest quality and best pricing, to be responsive to customers and to be strictly compliant with regulatory issues. So when it comes to capital project development we provide tightly programmed front-end master planning, world class design solutions and rigorous project delivery.

Architecture that Empowers. Infrastructure that Enables:

C2AE is fully integrated firm that provides high performance, project-specific architecture, engineering (all disciplines) and infrastructure to demanding highly regulated clients and capital projects of all sizes.


Craig Jansen
Craig Jansen, PE, LEED AP BD+C
Manufacturing Leader


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