In healthcare, adapting to change is integral to success. Cutting edge technology and shifting culture preferences play a larger role in this market than perhaps any other.  Consumers are far more informed than years past and expect more control, convenience, and choices.

But change is expensive. Investments are substantial. Assets are complicated. The consumer and regulatory environment today are more complex, not less.  All of these factors demand that Healthcare providers strategize, manage, budget and administer as an enterprise.

As a full-service firm with enterprise-level thinking, C2AE can help you manage, improve and plan for the future of the built environment.

In healthcare systems:

  • Lean design - optimizing flow for patients and providers

  • Seamless integration of technology

  • Repurposing existing spaces

  • Meeting the needs of an aging population

  • Continuum of care

  • Cost sensitivity


Robert McGraw
Robert McGraw, AIA, LEED AP
Healthcare Leader


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