Every educational institution has its own unique challenges and opportunities. The built environment will vary by ownership, pedagogy, and mission. Access to capital depends on enrollment, tuition, donor base, student age, legislation, jurisdiction, alumni and voter mindset.

C2AE understands the complexity associated with these variables and can expertly navigate them with regards to the built environment. Aging infrastructure, existing systems and automation, deferred maintenance, competing institutional and budget priorities, stakeholder expectations and user demands all need to be resolved smartly and often in a precise sequence.

Expertise in higher-education:

  • Flexible, co-learning spaces
  • Campus connectivity
  • Adaptive reuse of built assets
  • Master planning (utilities, whole-campus, or incremental)

Expertise in K-12 schools:

  • Age appropriate pedagogy
  • Capital campaign and bond passage
  • Student safety
  • Rejuvenating aging infrastructure


Dennis Bekken
Dennis Bekken, AIA, LEED AP
Education Leader


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